Saturday, October 23, 2010

i looikeee...=)

wahhhh!ttbe mlm nie aq nk mgrut kt blog aq sdri..emm,sjk 2 wix nie,aq jd sgt gilak ngan cite korea smule..
'Boys over flower'..even cite 2 aq da tgok byk kx n da ttp maintain..xbosn..besh!jln cte sgt2 mnrik..kdg2 aq mbygkan aq brada d'antra kwn2 llki yg rpt ms time sklh tknik dlu,sntsa ingn dlindungi oleh mreka -->Mr P,Z,R,B,A..(aq yg ske brgan!)hahahahaha=)~~~tp 2 sume dulu..huuhuhu..yg syoknye!abg aq yg xske ngan cite korea,bley jd obses plak ble tgok cite 2..smpi 3 4 pgi xtdo..lyn cite 2 ngan aq..gilak!hihihihi=) emm,lgu yg aq ltk kt blog aq nie..besh!sbb 2 aq ske..dgr byk kx pon aq xksh..n skang aq sdg gilak download sume lgu dr cite 2!hihihih=)~~ilng tncion tuk sktika..=)

[song: somethng happend 2 my heart]

Eventhough i tell it 2 stop..eventhough i tell it not 2 go..

it doesn't mean doesnt decrease..
y is my luv like dis?
1 by 1 i count n count the memories..
my heart cant even rest 4 a moment..
it'll juz bcomes baggage dat bcomes hard 2 control
y i cant even throw them away..
really my heart must hve done smthng somehow
it must have become a fool dats blind from luv
juz 1 place..evryday 1 place..
looking at the sad light dat is u..
even the tear glands must be broken
my tears wont stop..i luv only u, only u..
cant u juz tell me..even if i hold out my hands
no matter how much i call out..u're always far from me..
it'll be a luv dat bcomes painfull scars..
y i can't erase it??
i try 2 comfort myself wif the lie that im happy if u just smile..
because the place ur going towards is not me..
the lonely tears flow..
really my heart must hve done smthng somehow..
i must have gone crazy over dis hard luv..
cant have u..cant 4get u..
waitng 4 u day by day..
i must hve gotten i'll from missing u so much..
from loving u too much..juz 1 thing..
ur heart ,that 1 thing..cant u juz share it wif me..
cant u luv me??


  1. hahah...sntiasa mlindungi mu...= )

  2. suke plak die eyh..
    btol palil..
    aq slalu mbygkn aq jd pmpuan dlm cite 2..